WordPress can be used to enable Judaic Studies students to create their own e-portfolios: Sharing Favorite Images

An e-portfolio is a collection of digital artifacts (i.e. documents, images, podcasts, video files, links, etc.) that demonstrate one’s knowledge mastery. In this particular case, we want to demonstrate how WordPress can be used by Judaic Studies students to show their master of Judaic knowledge. In this first post, we will share Judaically themed images related to Sukkot.


Mobile Sukka Sukka in the desert Sukka in the military Sukka made of Legos Sukka on a balcony Sukka on a bicycle Sukka on a boat Sukka on a mountain Sukka on a Porch  Sukkah on a balcony Sukkah on a truck Sukkot on a Plaza Sukkot on a Street Sukot in a neighborhood

About rds1943

I am interested in connecting with Judaic educators and staff developers who want to integrate web technology into their instruction and teacher training.
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